Like desiccant packets, WiseFresh fibre desiccant cards are designed to maintain a dry package environment to keep nutraceuticals, foods, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics safe from the damaging effects of moisture.​​ The cards can be cut to all shapes and sizes; rectangles, squares, circles to suit all packaging applications.


  • FDA approved; safe to use in direct contact with nutraceuticals, food, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.
  • Printed with food grade ink.
  • Unique flat profile is designed for use in applications with small and narrow packaging spaces. 
  • Remains highly visible in powders.
  • Adsorbs up to 50% of its weight in moisture.
  • Utilises natural plant fibers with calcium chloride desiccant which is bound within the laminate structure to prevent dusting.


Certifcation: FDA approved
Quantity: 2000 cards per carton 

Dimensions: 60mm x 60mm x 1mm

Weight of Desiccant: 1.21 grams
Protects: 2.8L


Brand Wisesorbent