Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen Absorber packets maintain taste, texture and freshness while preventing mold, microbial growth and rancidity in packaged foods. A method of active packaging, oxygen scavenging packets absorb available oxygen inside food packaging to prolong shelf life, maintain product quality and reduce loss, Oxygen is the primary pathway to food degradation, which affects flavor, color, smell and texture, as well as deteriorating vitamin and nutritional value. Aerobic microorganisms – such as bacteria, mold and fungi – require moisture to form and thrive, which ultimately spoils food. The unsaturated fats and oils in food are highly susceptible to oxidation which leads to flavor-loss and undesirable odors.


Oxygen Absorbers 30cc - 250 Packs per Bag

Oxygen Absorbers are designed to remove the oxygen content inside any packaged environment. The unique O-Busters® blend of adsorbents will pick up approximately three times its weight in oxygen, preventing the harmful effects of mould, mildew, bacteria, c

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