White non-indicating

White silica gel desiccant, granular or beaded, is an activated adsorbent that comes in many mesh sizes for use in different industrial applications. Silica gel does not corrode other substances, has no smell or taste, and is nontoxic and chemically non-reactive. Its internal surface area is very large, making it able to adsorb a great deal of moisture. The process of adsorption does not create any byproducts, nor do any chemical reactions take place. It doesn't change in shape or size, either, because it is non-deliquescent. It will still be free-flowing and dry even when it has adsorbed all the water it can.

Silica Gel Beads White

Our white Silica Gel beads are non toxic and inert, they are available in resealable bags, pails, and buckets. Available in, 2.5, 7.5 and 15 kg Pails.

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