Silica Gel Canisters

Our desiccant canisters are primarily used in the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries in order to extend the shelf life of their products by minimizing the negative effects of moisture damage. The cylindrical shape, quality construction and rigid durability make desiccant canisters ideal for use in an automatic high-speed insertion machine, which would allow you to continuously feed desiccant canisters into your production line.

These desiccant canisters are considered non-toxic and are FDA CFR 21 approved and considered safe to use in direct contact with food or pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, the distinctive shape of the Sorb-It desiccant canisters makes it easy for the customer to differentiate the desiccant canister from food, pharmaceutical tablets or capsules, thereby preventing accidental ingestion.

Though the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries are the primary users of desiccant canisters, canisters can be used for applications in other industries as well. Other common industries that use desiccant canisters are the electronics industry, the medical diagnostics industry, and the dental industry.

The 1 gram Wisepac canisters, in an ideal scenario, can protect anywhere from 100-190 cubic centimeters of sealed air space. This canister has a high capacity for adsorbing moisture at humidity levels above 40%.