Our high capacity desiccant is specially designed for container transport, capable of effectively lowering humidity inside the shipping container. It will prevent relative humidity from reaching 100% and forming condensation. Strips come with hook to easily hang throughout shipping container.


  •  Ship goods without the threat of “Container Rain”
  •  Inhibits the formation of mould, mildew, rust and corrosion
  •  Absorbs up to 280% of its weight in moisture vapour
  •  Contents of packet will turn from powder to gel signalling the need to replace
  •  Provides up to 90 days or more of moisture protection
  •  Prevents weak cartons and loose labels caused by moisture
  •  Environmentally safe and can be disposed of as normal waste


  •  Shipping containers transported by air, sea and land
  •  Protection of foods, leather goods, furniture, textile products, etc
  •  Protection of auto parts, machinery, metal products, etc
  •  Ideal for boats & RV’s as well as long term storage applications

Usage Requirements:

  • Strips with hook are 500 grams. Recommended usage is 16 strips for a standard 40 foot container.
  • Amount of strips may need adjusting based on travel time, weather conditions and temperature variations.

SKU HCD500-16
Desiccant Calcium Chloride mixed with Starch and Palygorskite
Packet Material Tyvek strip with hook for hanging
Dimensions 150mm x 215mm
Net Weight 500gm strip
Quantity 8 strips per PE bag; 2 PE bags per carton
Requirements 16 x 500gm strips per 40 foot container