Fluids, semi-solids, and powders stored in vented tanks or drums can become contaminated by moisture or other materials in the processing area. Using a reservoir breather can prevent this contamination.

Desitech reservoir breathers come prefilled with molecular sieve and a mix of orange indicating silica gel, which turns green when saturated. They are equipped with two-way relief valves that stay closed until a pressure difference occurs, significantly extending the lifespan of the desiccant.

Type Thread Dimensions Weight (g) Water Absorption (g) Air Filter Elements
OD L1 L2 Total Desiccant Filter Micron Rating Max Air Flow Rate
DTDV-2 Male 3/4" BSP 95 235 20 1300 365 138 Synthetic Fibre 3 Micron 752L/m
DTDV-3 Male 1-1/4" BSP 135 230 >25 2700 665 252 Synthetic Fibre 3 Micron 1500L/m


Brand Desitech
Desiccant Molecular Sieve & Indicating Silica Gel
Dimensions Refer to diagram in images (OD: 95; L1: 235; L2: 20)
Net Weight 1.3kg

Weight of Desiccant 365gm
Water Absorption 138gm
Filter Synthetic Fibre
Micron Rating 3 Micron
Max Air Flow Rate 752L/m
Thread Male 3/4” BSP