The Ionmax ION610 desiccant dehumidifier controls the humidity in your environment efficiently while staying environmentally friendly. It features a CFC-free desiccant rotor and silver nano antibacterial air filter. Sturdy and durable, the Ionmax ION610 is perfect for removing mould and dampness, drying clothes, and improving the air quality in your home and office. Being able to remove 6L of moisture per day (20°C @ 60%RH) while staying energy efficient, the ION610 dehumidifier is ideal for daily use. 

The built-in humidistat allows you to set a target humidity range:

  • 60% - Use this mode for maximum energy saving and quiet operation
  • 50% - Use this mode to inhibit mould and bacteria growth
  • 40% - Use this mode in very damp rooms and to prevent condensation
  • Laundry (Continuous) - Dry clothes faster during the winter


  • Safe - 1.8L tank with auto shut off & continuous drain option
  • Capacity - up to 6L of moisture per day and is suitable for smaller rooms of 15-25m²
  • Stable - performs in a wide temperature range (1-40°C).
  • Cleans and Warms the Air - features built-in heater and silver nano air filter
  • Easy-to-use Humidistat - set the relative humidity you want and forget
  • Quiet / Turbo Mode - use quiet mode at night for sleeping - turbo for larger spaces
  • Automatic Louvre - provides thorough room coverage
  • Portable - lightweight (5.1kg) and easily moved around the home with a carrying handle
  • Low Maintenance - simply vacuum the filter regulary to keep the ION610 working in top condition
  • No Replacement Parts - the desiccant (zeolite) regenerates itself

Ionmax's New 2+2 Year Warranty
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Brand Ionmax®
Voltage/Frequency AC 220-240V, 50Hz
Power Input Low 280w, High 460w
Moisture Removal 6L/day (20°C@60%RH)
Room Size 15 - 25m²
Capacity 1.8L Water Tank
Running Temperatures 1 - 40°C
Noise Levels Low 34, High 45 dBA
Desiccant Zeolite
Dimensions w:174 x d:269 x h:445mm
Net Weight 5.1kg