Inkbird's smart sensor hygrometer provides constant humidity and temperature readings (±3%RH and 0.3°C). It wirelessly pairs with the Engbird mobile app (iOS & Android) for history and immediacy data and has a magnetic back for placement on metal surfaces. Perfect for monitoring conditions of greenhouses, pet enclosures, cars, food pantries, refrigerators, wine cellars, clothes, cigars and musical instruments.

App Control
Supports temperature graph, accuracy calibration, inter-record gap setting, high/low temperature alarm and data export. One mobile phone can monitor more than one sensor, and one sensor can be monitored by more than one mobile phone.

Data Storage & Sampling Interval
Different sampling intervals can be set (10s / 30s / 1min / 2mins / 5mins / 10mins / 30mins) with space for 30,000 data points. For example, with a sampling interval of 1min, it will record 20 days of data points.

Bluetooth Connection
Connects via Bluetooth (up to 30m range) to free iOS and Android app. Bluetooth can be tuned off manually to extend battery life.


  • Supports °C /°F
  • Utilises French HTU21D sensors
  • IPX4 rated protection, splash-resistant
Brand Inkbird
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 30mm
Net Weight 90gm

Temperature Range -40℃ ~ 60℃
Temperature Accuracy ±0.3°C
Humidity Range 0 ~ 99%RH
Humidity Accuracy ±3%RH
Wireless Range 30m
Battery Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)