Our moisture barrier bags provide an economical storage solution for protecting items against moisture & oxygen damage. Their low moisture vapour transmission rate and zip lock seal create an effective barrier to the outside elements, helping to extend the life of stored items.

They are suitable for storing a wide range of products, including collectibles, personal goods, electrical & mechanical parts. Additionally, the bags are food grade & FDA approved making them safe for use with food & pharmaceuticals.

It is recommended that either an oxygen absorber or a silica gel packet is added to the bag when storing items. An oxygen absorber will lower the spoilage rate of food products while a silica gel packet will remove excess moisture preventing mould, condensation, rust and clumping of food powders. Optionally, a humidity indicator card can be added to determine if the bag has exceeded a particular humidity threshold.


  • 500gm pouch (weight/density calculation based on coffee beans volume)
  • 1.3L liquid volume
  • 190 x 275 x 100gm bottom gusset
  • Low moisture vapour transmission rate for product freshness & protection
  • Acid free, FDA approved for use with food & pharmaceuticals
  • Stand up matte silver pouch with clear window and zip lock
  • Sealable by heat sealer
  • Tear notch for easy opening after heat sealing

Barrier Bag Comparison Chart

Dry Volume Liquid Volume Width Height Bottom Gusset  
70gm 210ml 110mm 170mm 70mm View Product
150gm 400ml 130mm 210mm 80mm View Product
250gm 750ml 160mm 230mm 90mm View Product
500gm 1.3L 190mm 275mm 100mm  
750gm 2.1L 210mm 310mm 90mm View Product
1kg 3.5L 240mm 335mm 120mm View Product
Property Test Result Unit Test Conditions Test Method
Thickness 130-134 micron 25" pressure foot diameter, 7.5 PSI MFP-TM
Puncture 4.5 pound force .06" tip probe through 1.38" diameter hole @ 1"/min speed ASTM F 1306
Seal Strength 5.88 kgf / mm  20 psi @ .5 sec Dwell ASTM F 882
Burst .75 kg/cm²  restrained in fixture ASTM F 2054
Otr 41.2 cc/(m² .24hr) 23°C @ 0% RH ASTM F 2622
Wvtr 1.957 g/(m² . 24hr) 38°C @ 90% RH ASTM F 1249
Film Structure CLEAR SIDE - 12 MIC PET // ADH // 12 MIC PET // ADH // 100 MIC PE
Brand Desicco
Certification FDA Approved
Type Matte silver w/ clear window & zip lock
Dry Volume 500gm
Liquid Volume 1.3L
Dimensions 190 x 275 x 100gm bottom gusset