Desiccant keeps hooks rust free

Author: Andy Crawford   Date Posted:19 August 2014 

Desiccant keeps hooks rust free main image Desiccant keeps hooks rust free image
Desiccant keeps hooks rust free We all know water is the enemy of all metal. And while we protect a lot of our equipment, we anglers often just toss our lures back in storage containers and forget them until the next trip. And soon our hooks are just tangled masses of rust. But there’s a quick and easy way to help wick away that destructive moisture: desiccant. Desiccant is just a fancy word for anything used as a drying agent. It’s sold commercially, and can be ordered online. The savvy angler, however, doesn’t have to pay for it: Just pay attention the next time you open up a package, and it’s likely you’ll get some free desiccant. Yep, those obnoxious little, white packets that fall out when we open pretty much any package is the ticket to rust-free hooks. I learned this through photography because the quickest way to being forced to buy a new camera is to let it get wet. So I dig through the packaging of any merchandise I buy, looking for the packets of desiccant. Each package is tossed into a Ziploc bags (the freezer bags are best because the seal is airtight), squeeze the air out of the bag and seal them close. Then, whenever you need one, just unzip the bag and toss a new package of desiccant into your lure box.

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