Food grade silica gel packets are designed to extend the shelf life of food and pharmaceuticals in small packaged environments. They work by adsorbing and trapping moisture from the air, minimising spoilage rates of food products and clumping in powders & pharmaceuticals. Packets are manufactured and packaged in an FDA certified facility and once sealed, remain unopened until delivered to the end user. We can supply DMF certificate upon request.

FDA approved WiseMini® packets use highly permeable coating-free Dupont™ Tyvek®1059B with a durable fuse-type seal and are fitted with a slender transparent window. They are free from additives & adhesives and are printed with food grade ink.

Tyvek® is made from high density polyethylene fibres which makes the packets durable and tear-resistant while remaining lightweight and flexible. In addition, it is low-linting and resistant to water, chemicals, abrasion and ageing.


  • FDA approved for use in direct contact with food and pharmaceuticals
  • Tear-resistant, low-linting and highly permeable coating-free Tyvek®1059B packaging
  • Printed with food grade ink
  • Durable fuse-type seal, free from additives & adhesives
  • Packet measures 36 x 20mm
  • Silica gel remains dry when saturated with moisture
  • Inert, non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • Lowers relative humidity to approximately 35-40%


  • Protein & supplement powders
  • Pharmaceuticals & vitamins
  • Rice, grain, noodles, pasta, bread
  • Flour & sugar
  • Seeds & nuts
  • Dried fruits & vegetables
  • Spices, seasonings & herbs
  • Coffee, tea & cocoa
  • Dried meats
  • Pet foods
  • Diagnostic kits & devices
Model # WSE12217
Brand WiseMini®
Certification FDA approved, DMF no: 26730
Contents White non-indicating beaded silica gel
Type Fuse-type seal with transparent window
Packet Material Coating-free DuPont™ Tyvek®1059B
Printing FDA compliant food grade ink
Dimensions 36 x 20mm
Net Weight 1gm
RH Levels Lowers to 35-40% RH
Protects 0.8L of enclosed space
Carton Quantity 6000 packets per tin; 2 tins per carton
Shelf Life 2 years in original (unopened) packaging